We are American Hearing Excellence

As Audibel professionals across the country know, we're part of a unique and special network. Built on the same ideals that make families strong – honesty, compassion, and an innate resolve to answer any call for help – Audibel and our partners are dedicated to one thing and one thing only: delivering better hearing to every person who walks through our door.

We do it by providing the exceptional service and perfectly fit solutions that every patient deserves. We do it by delivering American Hearing Excellence every day.

American. It's what we are

We are the only major American-owned and operated company left in the hearing aid business, and thrive because we believe in the American way of doing business: Treat patients better than they can be treated anywhere else and we will be successful.

Hearing. It's all we do

When a person with hearing loss comes through the door of an Audibel Partner, it's their lucky day. Because we don't sell insurance, medical equipment or stock. We don't even sell hearing aids. We provide better hearing – and do it better than anyone else.

Excellence. It's how better hearing happens

From our industry-best staff training and clean and professional offices to our technologically advanced hearing solutions, we ensure excellence is in everything we do.

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