We invest in research and development for both the short term and maybe more significant, the long term. Audibel's cutting-edge technology is proven. We are committed to developing products using evidence-based design, which shows the true benefit of an enhancement before it ever reaches the ear of a patient.

We provide patients with best-in-class performance. From virtually eliminating feedback to delivering the best-performing directional system, our hearing instruments provide unprecedented clarity in noise. With Audibel's software, the fitting process is easy and, more importantly, accurate. Our hearing instruments can be adjusted instantaneously, using real-time data. Our partners can provide the most accurate fit possible, thus helping them counsel patients, reduce the number of adjustments needed for a comfortable fit, and better address the challenges hearing aid wearers face in their environments.


Audibel offers our partners the exclusive opportunity to tie into a group of passionate people. We support our partners with a variety of custom business solutions including:

  • Individual marketing support with dedicated marketing executives who are available to help plan, design and execute marketing campaigns.
  • Business solutions including classes, office management solutions and small business consultation services.
  • Training including online and in-person regional classes, as well as classes held at Audibel headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Additionally, Audibel offers Audiology On Demand™, giving hearing care professionals instant access to an audiologist who can help with a difficult fitting in real time.

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